SNL Under Intense Backlash Over Alleged ‘Anti-Semitic’ Comments From Michael Che

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Michael Che from SNL made an anti-semitic remark that has fans outraged, according to Fox News.

“Israel is reporting that they’ve vaccinated half of their population. I’m going to guess it’s the Jewish half,” Che said.

The American Jewish Committee requested Che “retract its outrageous claim and apologize immediately.”

“Words have consequences, and Jews are at risk when a major American TV company joins with those who claim Israel is favoring only a portion of its citizens in its admirable efforts, praised by Dr. Anthony Fauci and others, to vaccinate all of its residents.”

New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind says the joke was “unsurprising coming from SNL as they have a long record of antisemitism.”

“But Michael Che or whoever wrote that ‘joke’ is obviously also ignorant of fact that Israel has Arab citizens who’ve received the vaccine according to the same qualifications as Jews!”

Che said, “President Biden signed an executive order repealing Trump’s ban on transgender people serving in the military.”

“It’s good news, except Biden is calling the policy: ‘don’t ask, don’t tuck,’ which is not good news.”

From Fox News:

Data from an Oxford University-run tracking site shows that Israel has administered more COVID-19 vaccinations than any other nation.

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The Palestinian Authority health ministry announced Friday that Israel agreed to vaccinate 100,000 Palestinians who often enter the country for work, Reuters reported.

As stated in the Oslo Accords, Palestine — and not Israel — is responsible for the health of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.

Che has previously been criticized for his jokes on “Weekend Update.” Most recently, he was accused of making remarks that were offensive to the transgender community over a Nov. 2 joke about President Biden ending Donald Trump’s ban on transgender people in the military.

Che also covered jabs at Sen. Ted Cruz, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the Mars rover, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s divorce among other topics in his “Weekend Update” segment.