Judge Garland On If He Will Continue To Prosecute Unlawful Border Crossing: “I Don’t Know What The Current Program Is In Respect To This”

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Oh, brother…

After you weed through the barrage of “uhm’s, uhhh’s, hmm’s, and errr’s” that Judge Merrick Garland is stumbling over, it becomes clear that… well, nothing is clear. How fun.

Senator Josh Hawley asked Judge Garland: “Do you believe that illegal entry at America’s border should remain a crime?”

To which Judge Garland replied: “I just haven’t thought about that question… I don’t know of a proposal to decriminalize but still make it unlawful to enter.”

At least Judge Garland doesn’t rely on a teleprompter for his responses, unlike our president. Even with a teleprompter and ear pieces, somehow Joe Biden still verbally stumbles more than a hooker at Confession.

Check out the video here-