Employees Of Big Tech Donated To Biden’s Campaign More Than Any Other Sector

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Uhh. So, what you’re saying is… the deer are just willingly putting targets on their own backs?

These big tech companies aren’t even trying to hide their obvious bias, which doesn’t help the allegations that they played a huge role in election scandals. (Obviously I can’t say this for a fact… but I’ll be damned if I don’t strongly believe it for myself… heavy sigh.)

I’ll flex my freedom of speech while I still have it.


According to The Daily Caller:

Employees at Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Alphabet, Google’s parent company, donated at least $15.1 million to President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, according to Open Secrets.

The donations eclipsed the amount given from employees in the banking and legal sectors, according to The Wall Street Journal. The five companies were also the largest fundraising sources for Biden’s campaign.

Well, Biden DID need a hell of a lot of help to pull off that election, huh? *elbow nudges & poorly executed winks*

The findings follow a growing wave of anti-big tech rhetoric, largely from Republicans who have alleged that the companies are biased against them and sensor conservative content at a far greater rate at which they censor liberal content.

Tech companies, however, have denied that their censorship policies are politically motivated and that the beliefs of their employees guide their censorship decisions.

I mean, Democratic candidates are often preferred by donors over Republican candidates, to which this is of no shock… but big tech has been quite the center of influence these days, hasn’t it?

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Now, just keep in mind, I’m merely provoking thought. I’m not trying to sway anyone any particular direction. *shifty eyes*

The CEOs of Facebook, Google and Amazon are all scheduled to testify in March before a House committee.