Joe Biden Town Hall Displays Usual Racism, Lies, And Politics Over People

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

You ain’t Black if you don’t know to vote for Joe Biden, and apparently you ain’t Black if you know how to find vaccine information on the internet.

“A lot of people don’t know how to register,” Biden said. “Not everybody in the community, in the Hispanic and the African-American community, particularly in rural areas that are distant and, or inner-city districts know how to use, know how to get online to determine how to get in line for that COVID vaccination at the Walgreens.”

We ‘ethnics’ literally don’t know how to get online to find out how to even get the vaccine, and that’s why there are disparities in how Covid is affecting minority communities. White saviors just haven’t had time to show us the old point and mouse click.

I’m legit LAUGHING at the party of inclusivity and anti-racism.

In case you missed any of the other cringeworthy moments of Joe Biden’s town hall, I’m happy to summarize them for you.

China’s human rights violations against Uyghur Muslims are the result of “culturally different norms” and do not need to be addressed. Slavery and concentration camps? Biden says do you, boo.

“Everybody knows I like kids better than people,” Joe tried to joke. Everyone knows of Joe’s questionable habits around children and his party has been avoiding them since he began his run for President. Talk about sniffing the elephant in the room!

Joe Biden claimed the vaccine didn’t exist before he came into office, but the claim would have been a lot more believable if he didn’t receive the first dose of the Covid vaccine on live television back in December. Fact-checkers spewed more verbal spaghetti than I knew was possible trying to “add context” to this one.

Joe Biden said, “I wake up every morning, look at Jill, and say, ‘Where the hell are we?’” And conservatives everywhere rolled their eyes. The comment was made in response to living in the White House, but for a guy who seems confused by his wife, his sister, every question asked of him and the location of his jacket pockets, it’s probably not wise to add to the rumors of his dementia.

Biden went on to explain that over the two terms of Obama’s presidency, he never invited Joe to the White House. You know, his good friend, Obama. Seeing as how Joe referenced Obama as “the first African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man,” I’m not surprised they weren’t bros when the cameras turned off.

At a time when violence is a form of acceptable speech–and speech is an unacceptable form of violence–it doesn’t surprise me that the party of justice is full of shyte. I’m just surprised that more people don’t see through their public displays of stupidity and judge them accordingly.

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