If You’re A Teacher Who Wants To Get Back To The Classroom, Can You Please Stand Up?

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

I know you’re out there.  There have GOT to be some reasonable, common-sense, high work ethic teachers out there who are outraged at the behavior of the teachers unions and school boards determined to keep teachers at home due to UNPROVEN AND UNSCIENTIFIC risks they believe they face due to COVID.

Teachers, seriously.  Get your asses back to work already.  And if you’re a teacher who WANTS to get back to work, SPEAK UP about it.  Make it known that the unions aren’t speaking for you.  And if they ARE speaking for you, GET OUT OF TEACHING.  Your priorities are massively screwed up.

Every now and then, bad people say the quiet part out loud for the world to hear.  That’s what happened in Oakley, CA where school board members were caught by parents on video.  Check this out:

Great question.

According to this, some parents are demanding the resignations of those board members, and rightly so.

If that audio captured wasn’t bad enough already, apparently that board was also discussing a way around allowing the public to speak to the board in real time, and they were strategizing a way that people would have to record voicemails that would then be PLAYED at future meetings instead of letting them talk to the board directly. This is how little the board actually cares about the people it represents.

Over 500 people have now signed a petition to demand the resignations of board members due to the comments they made in the videos above.

“They did not realize they were being broadcast and that the public could hear them,” the petition said. “During that time board members decided to speak in a VERY disrespectful way about parents in the school district, including using profanity, speaking about parents using marijuana, and that parents just wanted their babysitters back.”

“Parents were tuned in to learn if we will be sending our kids back to school soon and if not, why. There has been a lack of communication from the board and this was the first communication we heard.”

Biden’s administration keeps moving goalposts on what it’ll take to open the schools, they’re beholden completely to teachers’ unions who don’t give a crap about kids, and now we’ve got school board members being total a$%hats on camera.

Education in this country is broken.

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