Daily Beast Editor Accuses Tucker Of Adding Googly Eyes To AOC, Turns Out It’s Just Her Face

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Today’s daily joke is brought to you by the Daily Beast and AOC, and it’s absolutely hilarious.

Yesterday evening, The Daily Beast’s editor Justin Baragona tweeted a screen shot from the Tucker Carlson show featuring a photograph of AOC, and accused him of photoshopping the picture.

Specifically, he accused Tucker of adding “googly eyes” to AOC to make her look more ridiculous.

Nope! That’s literally just her face.

And I. Am. Dead.

Guys, I’m laughing so hard and texting this screenshot to all my friends so they can laugh just as hard.

The authority with which this “journalist” announced to the Twiterverse that Tucker apparently photoshopped googly eyes onto AOC is just hilarious. This guy did literally no verification before making that rather journalistically-serious accusation. And this guy is an editor at the Daily Beast. Sort of begs the question: How much does the Daily Beast publish before they actually verify any of it?

Of course, after realizing that it is actually a real photo of AOC, Baragona deleted the tweet and offered his version of a quasi mea culpa.

Instead of actually apologizing to Tucker for baselessly accusing him of photoshopping an easily-verifiable image on his show, he sort of just acknowledged that he made an idiot of himself. Said he’d “take the L” and to “make sure you don’t send out factually inaccurate tweets that can be easily verified and debunked.”

Actually, as a so-called journalist, how about you verify your information before you set out to whip up the cancel mob by blasting out something that is patently false and completely baseless?

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