Have You Heard About The Bachelor Hullabaloo?

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One of our Chicks on the Right Insiders (join us if you haven’t already!) posted this awesome breakdown of what the whole story is about and she has allowed me to share it with y’all!  Many thanks, Brooklyn White!

Whether or not you love or hate ABC’s the Bachelor franchise, there is a scandal happening now that showcases cancelled culture at its extreme. I for one am a fan of the show for comical reasons- watching it makes me feel better about myself. I know most of it is fake and they don’t stay together anyway. Here is a summary of what is going on- This year’s male bachelor is bi-racial (Matt). One of the contestants is a white girl from Cummings, Georgia (Rachel). I have watched this season up until this point of everything that has aired. Matt and Rachel seem genuinely smitten. But, off air, Rachel has been labeled a racist due to her posts on her social media account- specifically 3. One where she was dressed up as an Indian for Halloween in grade school, one where she liked a post with her friends in it that happened to have a confederate flag in the background, and the most controversial post is of her dressed in an Antebellum Dress at a fraternity hosted party on a plantation while in college in 2018.

Chris Harrison, host of the show was recently interviewed by Rachel Lindsey, a previous Bachelorette who is now a reporter for the TV show, Extra. When asked for his thoughts, Chris explained that he thought everyone needed to offer Rachel grace and understanding until she speaks. I would encourage you to watch the interview in its entirety- because I think Chris did an amazing job in his response. Find it by going to YouTube and search for Chris Harrison and Rachel Lindsey Interview.

Since then, Chris has received an enormous amount of backlash. Petitions have been started to fire him. In damage control, both Chris and Rachel have answered the demands for apologies in released statements. Now, those demanding the apology are saying too little too late. As a result Chris Harrison is taking a break from the series and will not be seen in the last episode. I also encourage you to read the statements from both of them. As a PR rep, I get it. I know what you have to do and say to survive. And it sickens me. Media outlets have driven further to uncover the voting records of Rachel and her parents – outing that they voted republican- therefore the allegations must be true.

I am a southern girl that grew up in the south- actually -Alabama- the Heart of Dixie. I am sick and tired of being labeled a racist because I live in the south and vote republican. I dressed up as an Indian in elementary school for plays at Thanksgiving. Our message was about being grateful and showcasing the pilgrims and Indians as friends. Does that make me a racist? I rooted for the Atlanta Braves and saw any Native American mascots as a tribute to the adversity, heritage and courage they had to fight for their country. Does that make me a racist? When I was in high school, many of my friends flew the confederate flag-not out of racism but what they believed was out of patriotism for the south and their roots. I didn’t personally fly one, but I wouldn’t be surprised if one is in the background of a photo with me in it somewhere. Does that make me a racist? We have beautiful, historical homes that many people use to host weddings, parties and celebrations out of love. If I attend an event, Does that make me a racist? I say this because any of these things could now label me as a bad person. Call me ignorant, or not woke, but I will not apologize for how I grew up. It is the fabric that makes me who I am today- a Christian first and foremost and a patriot who cares about her Country.

Today, we will bury my high school English teacher that I and so many in our community absolutely adored and respected. She was the first to integrate into a white school. She was the first African American to teach in an all white School in Alabama. Everybody agrees she is the best teacher we ever had. And you know what? She forced us to read and watch “Gone With the Wind” and “To Kill a Mockingbird” She knew and understood that by emerging ourselves in that literature- we would learn more about not being racist than anything she could force us or demand us to believe. She understood that you don’t throw history away just because it is offensive. She was a true, intelligent teacher that taught us more about loving our fellow man than anyone. Now, some want to just cancel the literature because it has the n word in it. If you cancel great literature just because of one word, you miss the entire point. Can’t you have enough confidence that most people are intelligent and can critically think about the narrative to understand the true message?

I am not defending racism. I know extremists exist and unfortunately many are found in the south. I grew up in an area where the KKK was alive and well. I hated everything about them and what they represented- but because I live in the same geographical area- does that automatically make me a racist?

I’m not ignorant to know that Trump was supported by groups that have radical hatred and vile policies. But I am sick and tired of being lumped in with that group when 99% of conservatives just want to align with policies that support their religious beliefs, freedom, smaller government and a prosperous economy.

Funny how something as silly as the Bachelor can spark such deep thoughts. What Chris Harrison said in his interview was spot on. I wish he had the balls to stick with his original interview rather than letting the show walk it back with an apology. I will never claim ignorance and apologize for anything beyond my control.

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It’s going to be a long four years. Happy Valentines Day!