Biden Admin Set To Launch $1 Billion Ad Campaign But Can’t Due To Vaccine Dose Shortage

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

The Biden Administration has planned a massive $1 billion ad campaign to “sell Americans on getting a coronavirus vaccine.” But there’s just one problem.

There aren’t enough vaccines.

Mark Weber, the federal health official responsible for the production of the massive Covid-19 advertising campaign said,

“We have to have product available before we go out and encourage people to seek it. We’re not there yet.”

So here’s a brilliant idea. Instead of spending $1 billion on commercials about how great the vaccine is and why you should get it, maybe you spend $1 billion on the production and distribution of the vaccine so it’s actually available to the people who want to get it.

John Bridgeland, a Bush White House senior official and co-founder of an independent pandemic response initiative called COVID Collaborative that is working with the Biden Covid task force, said,

“We’re very cognizant of the supply and demand issue, but we also know we have to get out there with an educational effort. We’re trying to push the knowledge and understanding and boost confidence, so that when it is available, you’ve had a lot of access to a lot of messaging.”

And if there’s one thing that current administration officials know how to do, it’s craft a billion dollar narrative.

But again, if the carefully crafted narrative is useless without the vaccine doses to back it up, why not spend the billion on production and distribution?

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that “African Americans have nearly the lowest rates of vaccination among any ethnic group.” And, according to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll, “about 35% of Black Americans said they don’t plan to get the vaccine, citing fears about safety and concerns that the vaccines are so new.

If they spend that billion on actual doses of the vaccine to be distributed to Americans who want it right now, statistically speaking, 60% of the recipients of those doses would be White Americans.

It’s a difficult choice for the Biden Administration to make. Do you ramp up production to vaccinate what will apparently be mostly white people, which is contrary to your entire social agenda but will lead to reopening the country sooner, or do you launch a campaign to calm fears and build trust within minority communities for a vaccine that people can’t even get?

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