Today’s Wall Of Shame Addition Is A Doozy, Y’all.

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Holy crap. We got the weirdest email ever today.  And today is special, because when psychos like Ingrid Suzanne Bunny Humphreys Hogg randomly decide that we need to hear their opinions of us, they’re rarely willing to let us share their name/contact info.  Suzanne is extra extra extra proud of her opinions, so she freely gave us permission to post our entire exchange for you.  In fact, who knows – she might chime in here since her bombardment of emails was getting to be a little weird for me – and I blocked any further messages from her from reaching me.  Because DAYUM, y’all.  She’s truly deranged.

Without further ado, here’s the first message from Suzanne (I’m using screenshots so her unbelievably amazing writing talent can be appreciated without any edits):

SOOOOO much to unpack and untangle.  But I got massively sidetracked by the “high heal shoes” and “big hair” comment.  LOLOLOLOLOL.

It’s “heel,” Suz.  Good Lord.

Now, I’m not sure why Suzie Q is lecturing us about Fox News, since we don’t work there.  And I’m not sure why she’s preaching to US about spreading hate, when she’s the one wrote us, unsolicited, and acted like a complete c-word to us without provocation.  Hate speech, indeed.

Also – the comment about the kids?  I was super confused by it since Daisy and I (the ones with the high “heals” and big hair (?) don’t have kids with grass allergies, nor have they recently wanted to set up a lemonade stand, but I know Ksenya wrote about that recently, and if Suzanne had even the most basic amount of reading comprehension ability, she wouldn’t have been so off on her assessment of Ksenya’s story.  Holy crap.  I mean, just read Ksenya’s story for yourself.  In any part of it does it sound like she was being over-protective? She literally LET THEM DO IT and even taught them a few valuable lessons in the process.  But Suzanne is so deranged she couldn’t even see past her own hate to comprehend that.

Her comments about the Trump worship were so off-base I actually laughed out loud.  But then I just sat back in wonder that someone would have been compelled to send us this kind of email, and then actually be proud enough of it that she allowed us to share it with credit.  

But that’s what happened, y’all.  I was sitting in a massage chair when I read this, so quickly typed back a response on my phone:

Yeah.  I made a typo in that second sentence in my haste.  But compared to the absolute wreck of a message I was responding to, it was a paragraph of pure brilliance, if you ask me.

You’re gonna love Suzie’s response:

I responded:

And then, you guys, she just kept. on. writing. me.  Four more times, even.

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Those first two were clearly sent back to back, according to the time stamp, but then she came back for more a half hour later, and then even more an hour and a half after that, like a total wackjob.  I responded once more to let her know that her obsession was getting weird and that I’d be posting the whole exchange and then blocking her emails, and so that’s that. 🙂

For someone who doesn’t think much of Fox, she sure spends a lot of time obsessing over it.  And us, for that matter.

Anyway, Suzanne welcomes your participation in this conversation, obviously.  Feel free to give her a pussy hat tutorial or explain how words work, since she’s convinced herself that Ksenya didn’t permit her kids to set up a lemonade stand.  (?)

Liberalism is a mental disorder.  Full stop.