Sephora Cancels Conservatives? Seriously? This Is Where We Are?

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

For crying out loud.

This is reaching an insane level of batsh*t, y’all.

A very popular beauty influencer has now been canceled by Sephora. BEHOLD:

Massive props to her for refusing to stay silent, and calling out this ridiculous censorship for exactly what it is.

She asks a great question – will Sephora be firing every single conservative employee and manager? Will they refuse to serve conservative clientele? Why are they continuing to work with influencers who’ve threatened and come after Amanda Ensing?

And why in the holy hell is FREAKING MAKEUP AND SKINCARE POLITICAL?!?!

If you’re a liberal and you condone this nonsense, you’re a commie. Full stop.