Silent Liberals Experiencing Voter Remorse As Biden Signs Literally Anything

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

You ever hear stories of someone buying a used car only to have it break down a mile from the lot? That car is Joe Biden. Do you know a person who invested in a fixer upper only to find it had asbestos, lead paint, a radon gas leak, and no one willing to approve building permits for renovations? That waste of space is Joe “I don’t know what I’m signing” Biden.

I knew his leadership would be bad, but I have whiplash at this point, it’s SO BAD. The Titanic sank slower than this. In his first week in office, Biden has taken the phrase “hold my beer” as a personal challenge. Hold his pudding cup and hand him a pen, it’s going down!

As old Joe uses his walker to guide our country into war, confusion, and economic collapse with countless executive orders, conservatives everywhere are eager to hear from Biden voters. Is this what you wanted? Is this really what you voted for, or were you so incensed by CNN reports of “Orange man bad” or “Trump’s words are mean” that you had no idea what Joe planned to do? Oh, don’t be silent now! I would like a formal apology for your stupidity.

To be frank, Joe may have lied during the Presidential debates, but he was pretty honest about his plans for the country throughout 2020. He may have said he wasn’t going to ban fracking when Trump asked, but in his previous news interviews he said, “oh yeah, definitely doing that.” When he was asked about packing the courts and he said voters didn’t need to know…Joe Biden knew he had uneducated supporters and he didn’t give a single worry to the need for rationale.

If liberals are sitting home watching these executive orders fly off the assembly line and feeling shame, well they should be! You. Idiots.

Honestly, I prefer the people who are celebrating on social media about “ousting a dictator” and “defeating fascism.” If they think it’s possible to simply remove an actual dictator, if they’re sooo confounded by the definition of fascist that they think it’s possible to get rid of one by a simple vote, then I have nothing to discuss with them. Let them continue to enjoy drinking glitter glue, or whatever it is that has killed their brain cells.

But for the ones who voted for Biden and are surprised by his implementation of all the plans he expressly said he was going to execute, then I have a bone to pick. What kind of dingleberry is so mentally weak that they don’t research their Presidential vote?? I’m sorry, that’s unkind.

Deep, eye-fluttering breath.

It’s just that, despite the narrative that CNN sold, it was always possible to find your own facts. We live in the age of information and technology. Put in some freaking work! I know he’s also signing some things without looking, it can’t all be predicted, but so far none of it is really a surprise. Text a friend, go to a few webpages, follow some conservative AND liberal leaders, educate yourself on every candidate’s record and agenda.

I’m honestly pissed, and I do mean PISSED, at the number of people who’re saying they have voter regret. There was PLENTY of time to find out exactly what each candidate was actually about. They spent all of their time insulting Melania’s accent while calling themselves “woke” and inclusive.

The first wave of voter remorse hit in November. Nearly 45% of Biden voters said they didn’t know anything about the Hunter Biden deals. There were freaking sex tapes, photos, emails, and an FBI investigation! My retinas still ache from being exposed to that foot scene. I shudder at the thought. But these things were not hidden to anyone with half an interest.

Social media blocked anyone from mentioning Hunter’s name (talk about election interference!) or sharing the website that exposed most of his dealings, but I know plenty of people who were discussing it at the time. It was being reposted just as fast as it was being removed. And this was BEFORE the election.

Liberals were silent. They either didn’t know, because they didn’t put in the work to find out what was happening, or they didn’t want to know and kept their heads in the sand.

With every executive order that is signed, more and more people are jumping on the voter’s remorse train. The Keystone pipeline alone sent HUNDREDS of thousands of people into hysteria and worry across the U.S. and Canada. Eliminating women’s sports raised tons of feminist’s eyebrows.

I get it, it’s embarrassing. CNN and Twitter used you like a girl with daddy-issues on prom night. It’s time to put your big-girl panties on you Biden voters, admit your mistake! You’re emotionally sensitive and irrational, when it comes to politics and race. Your feelings were hurt by words you didn’t like, and you were so bored sitting at home during Covid times that you adopted leftist ideology as your new religion. Don’t question it, just support it, and shun anyone who doesn’t. I hope you enjoyed your little stupid ass club.

Be sure to keep that Biden/Harris sign in your yard, so when people in the neighborhood lose their jobs they know exactly who to ask for donations. And when gas reaches $7 a gallon, we know which cars to siphon from. I’m sure you won’t mind. After all, you signed up for this nonsense, we didn’t.

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