New Press Secretary Psaki Shows Up Every Day To Say Nothing

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

I realize we were all a little spoiled by press secretary Kayleigh McEnany. She was intelligent, articulate, strong, and so prepared she could run her own country with that binder. Throw in a slideshow and I was LOVING the news.

McEnany is a political commentator and author who served as the 33rd White House press secretary for the Trump administration from April, 2020 to January, 2021. She was a producer for Huckabee on Fox News and a commentator on CNN. It’s obvious from her demeanor that she’s used to being challenged and bringing her ‘A’ game. I never understand why reporters didn’t realize this and start going in more prepared.

Occasionally I watched press briefings simply to experience the glory of her whipping others into a frenzy. They were never ready, she was never stumped, it was lovely.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders was no slouch. She had the patience of a pre-school teacher, though you could tell she viewed the reporters as sniveling toddlers who were wasting all of our time with insignificant stories.

Naturally I began to see this level of readiness and professionalism as the norm. Then came Biden press secretary, Jen Psaki.


Jennifer Psaki worked as Barack Obama’s State Department spokesperson and then White House communications director. She will be Biden’s White House press secretary for DAILY briefings.

I get that with signing dozens of executive orders a day, there’s a lot to say. But also if you’re never going to answer any questions and simply say “I’ll have to circle back to that for you,” then there was no point in showing up.

After vowing to bring “truth and transparency” back to the White House, Psaki has told us absolutely nothing about why Biden is allowing China into our power grid. Or why he’s violating his own executive orders. Then again, when Psaki was asked if Biden was going to keep Trump’s Air Force One color scheme she thought it was “such a good question!” so maybe I need to dispense with the expectations altogether.

Titillating. Hard-hitting journalism at its finest. Please borrow Kaleigh McEnany’s notebook or hang a sign on the podium that you’re taking a mental health day and not answering questions. These press briefings are an exercise in wasted oxygen. I can’t be the only one whose eyes and ears are annoyed by the new press secretary, and I didn’t even know that could be a thing!

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In case you’re curious about any of these riveting briefings, here’s a little recap of her answers. You haven’t missed any actual statements.