Media Largely Avoids Violent Left-wing Riots On Inauguration Day

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

The media and Democratic establishment really enjoyed the inauguration. It was a celebration for them. They made sure to make everything look positive and promising while warning against potential right-wing violence on Inauguration Day.

But they were very careful to minimize anything that might put a damper on the celebratory coverage, namely the extensive damage done by violent left-wing rioters in several cities in response to the inauguration.

On the day Joe Biden was inaugurated, violent rioters descended upon Seattle and Portland, causing significant damage to landmarks, federal buildings, and private property.


Well, the media was obligated to say something about it all. It would have been highly suspicious if they just entirely ignored the whole thing, especially since the American people were told that if Joe Biden was elected president, the violence would cease.

So the media carefully gave token coverage to the “protesters” who “gathered.” You’d think they’d mention who the “protesters” were since the “protesters” went to great lengths to make sure people knew they were responsible.

Oh, I forgot. Antifa is supposed to just be an idea. Of course.

According to NewsBusters, mainstream media networks spent less than one single minute covering the violent left-wing riots on Inauguration Day.

CNN did publish a story titled “Here’s why protesters say they’re gathering in Portland.”

But guess what. If you look up the story now, you see one significant word has been changed. Initially, the story was about “protesters” gathering in Portland, and “protesters” who took to the streets. But now, it’s “rioters” gathering in Portland and “rioters” who took to the streets. Since it isn’t breaking and current news, it’s less likely to be viewed now so it’s apparently OK to accurately represent them as rioters.

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And the rioting has continued since Inauguration Day.

Interestingly, Biden has yet to condemn the violent riots in Portland and Seattle.

I guess it’s not politically necessary anymore, now that he’s inaugurated.