Chris Wallace On Biden’s Inaugural Speech: “This Was The Best Inaugural Address I’ve Ever Heard.”

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You want to know why Fox News is trailing in the ratings behind CNN and MSNBC? Well, it is because they have “hard news” people like Chris Wallace who are complete partisan hacks.

Listen to Chris Wallace praise Biden’s inaugural address. What a disgrace.

From The Hill:

Fox News host Chris Wallace designated President Biden’s inaugural address as the “best” he’s “ever heard” after the newly sworn-in president called for unity across the country.

The “Fox News Sunday” anchor labeled the inaugural address as “the best” out of the speeches he’s heard since former President Kennedy was inaugurated in 1961.

“I thought it was a great speech,” Wallace said following Biden’s inauguration ceremony.

“I thought this was the best inaugural address I ever heard,” he added.

Wallace could not say enough good things about Biden’s speech. Perhaps Wallace is looking to leave Fox News and get a role in the new administration because, seriously, the speech was not that good.

Wallace also pointed out that the president called for the confrontation and defeat of white supremacy and domestic terrorism, noting that the overall speech felt like “part sermon, part pep-talk.”

“It was a call to our better angels, a call saying look, we’ve got tremendous challenges, COVID, the economy, racial injustice, climate change but there’s nothing we can’t do if we come together,” he said.

Now most of you probably cared for yourselves today by not watching Biden speak. I did watch. The speech was fine. It was nothing special and was mercifully short. Biden is not a charismatic orator. Hypocritically, the overriding theme was that of unity, respect, and being neighborly. President Biden said we need to end the uncivil war in our nation. In other words, we now need to do all the things the Democrats refused to do for the last four years. Now that they are in power, we all need to go along and get along.

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Well, the media is certainly stepping into their traditional role in covering Democrat presidents. Let the a$$ kissing begin!

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