Indoctrination Starts Young. Check Out This KINDERGARTEN Program Sent To Us By A Mom In Massachusetts.

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

A clever and competent reader sent us this email (emphasis mine):

“Thank you both so much for keeping me laughing during this crazy time. I have listened on Facebook for years, but have never written. I am a conservative mom and wife living in the ultra-liberal state of Massachusetts. To say this hasn’t been easy the past several years, is an understatement.

I have two boys, age 11 and 13. The attempts at the indoctrination of our children by teachers is downright appalling. This week, my 11 year-old (6th grade), came home to tell me of a disturbing video that was shown in his homeroom. He told me that it made the BLM movement look peaceful and it made Trump supporters look evil. The teachers asked the children to voice the similarities and differences anonymously on their iPads. My son refused because he knew his teacher was unapologetically liberal, and she would not like any criticism of the BLM movement. He was not convinced the comments were anonymous. We have friends in law enforcement, and he knew these videos were not fair. I was furious. This video attached was what was shown to 11 year-old 6th graders and a few of the kindergarten classes. The teachers start the political divisiveness early here in MA. I will have to write a letter to superintendent without signing my name in fear of negative consequences that could occur to my children. This is where we have come.

I do want to thank you both what you do everyday. For conservatives living in MA, we unfortunately can’t be as vocal. It brightens my day to hear you ladies. You are both such strong, conservative women, not to mention having a witty sense of humor. You both have such amazing talents. It is much appreciated!!!!!” 

Here’s the video she sent that was shared with her kid’s class and also with KINDERGARTEN CLASSES.

The fact that there’s even school programming called “Woke Kindergarten” is freaking INSANE.

Watch over your kids’ curriculum.  We cannot stress this enough.  They need a counterbalance at home, and it MUST COME FROM YOU.