Under New Rules, Germany Could Detain Uncooperative Covid-exposed Citizens In Guarded Camps And Detention Centers

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

The last time Germany herded undesirable citizens into detention centers, the Nazis were trying to exterminate the Jews and millions ended up tortured and killed. But Germany apparently didn’t learn from history because now, German citizens who break COVID exposure quarantine rules will be placed in fenced and guarded detention locations.

The Telegraph reports that Saxony officials have already approved plans to detain the rule breakers in fenced sections of a refugee camp. Brandenburg likewise plans to utilize a refugee camp as a detention center.

According to Germany’s Welt newspaper, Schleswig-Holstein plans to detain uncooperative citizens in a section of a juvenile detention center.

Baden-Württemberg has two hospitals with guarded rooms intended to detain quarantine refusers.

The irony of Germany forcing undesirable or uncooperative citizens into guarded detention centers is not lost on the world and the Twitter responses are gold.

Honestly, how is Germany so tone-deaf that they don’t realize how bad it looks for them to detain people in guarded camps after the atrocities done to the Jews in camps not so very long ago.