Biden’s Bringing Dry Mouth Dunn Back To The White House

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

According to this, Joe Biden will be taking us all on a trip down memory lane by bringing Anita Dunn back to the White House as senior WH adviser.

You might remember Anita Dunn for claiming that Mao is one of her “favorite political philosophers.” That video (shown below), also made her famous for having the worst case of dry-mouth at a podium that I think I’ve ever witnessed.  She ended up resigning from the WH after only seven months during the Obama era, after Glenn Beck aired the video. She’s been working on Biden’s campaign team since 2019, and now serves as co-chair of his transition team.

I mean, that is some serious tongue action.

When Beck first aired this clip, Anita tried to justify her comments about Mao by claiming that they were “intended as irony.”  That didn’t sell, so she left the WH a month later. That was back in the day when people cared about prominent political people NOT BEING HUGE FANS of commies who are responsible for the deaths of millions of people.

Now, as we’ve already seen, people no longer care about that.  

Apparently, Anita also offered pro bono advice to Harvey Weinstein, because of course she did.  And prior to joining Biden’s campaign team, she also worked for a strategy group with ties to pro-abortion organizations.

In other words, she fits right in with the Biden/Harris incoming administration.