Would You Do A TV Hit With A Giant Photo Of Mao Behind You? Just Curious.

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I had Fox on earlier this evening. Bret Baier was hosting a panel, which included Harold Ford Jr, former Congressman from TN (he’s now a PNC bigshot, I believe). Anyway, my husband and I noticed something…odd.

I mean, can you even?

We weren’t the only ones to notice, apparently, as someone sent us this tweet from Bret Baier addressing the issue.

Are you satisfied with that explanation? Because I’m not.

Coupla things to note here. If I were renting a vacation home, and a giant picture of Mao was hanging on the wall, I’d likely be tempted to leave and not line the pockets of the kind of person who hangs giant commie pictures up for decoration. But let’s just assume that leaving wasn’t possible. If I were scheduled to do a TV hit from that vacation home, I would DEFINITELY AVOID filming from the room where that picture was visible. And if for some reason I couldn’t do that, I would be MORTIFIED and would adjust my freaking camera to NOT HAVE THE PICTURE IN THE FRAME.

This isn’t brain surgery, for crying out loud.

You know who wouldn’t do any of the things I just listed? A person who takes no issue with a giant picture of Mao hanging on the wall behind him. That’s who.

It’s fun when Democrats show us exactly who they are.

Ford Jr has responded to the controversy with this: