It’s A Happy New Year When Americans No Longer Have to Endure CNN On Airport Screens

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

No matter what, there’s always something positive in every news cycle. Speaking of that, this happened on Tuesday.

Is Covid-19 the new excuse for CNN’s audience failure? Are they trying to kid us? Is this like the “fiery but mostly peaceful riots” CNN proclaimed in August 2020?

Dear Zucker and CNN: Is Covid-19 “a deadly but mostly survivable virus?” Because over the past few months, this was the story about how Americans were still traveling anyway for Thanksgiving and Christmas. So if Americans have been choosing to live their lives and travel anyway, the airport audience is still there for you, Zucker. Amiright?

You know what? I’ll keep it short and sweet and censor myself before Twitter does it for me.

Good riddance to CNN’s airport screens. God Bless America.