Hillary Clinton Tells Republicans How We Heal And Unify

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Hillary Clinton knows just how we can heal and unify as a country. That’s right, Ms. Basket of Deplorables is telling us how we can heal and unite.

So, we all need to step in line and state it was a free and fair election, even if we don’t believe it and even despite evidence to the contrary.

Of course, conservatives and Republicans, in unison, have condemned the rioters who invaded the Capitol Building on January 6th. Clinton is using a straw man argument in making it seem as if there are any in the Republican Party who support the lawlessness that took place.

The Democrats wreaked havoc on this country for four years, doing everything in their power to divide the American people. NOW they want to unify? The only way we could take any step toward unifying and healing would be if Democrats dropped this impeachment charade and Trump and conservatives were allowed their voice back on the virtual public square (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Parler, etc.). Until that happens, there is no chance of any unification or healing.

It is really rich that Clinton is demanding conservatives unify behind President Biden as “duly elected” when she NEVER did that with President Trump. Hillary has never accepted her defeat and has continually blamed the Russians for her loss. The talk of impeaching President Trump began before he was even inaugurated and attempts to remove him from office never ended.

Sadly, it has not ended even now with Trump’s last day in office fast approaching.

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