Ron Paul Locked Out Of Facebook Account After “Repeatedly Going Against Our Community Standards”

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Former Senator Ron Paul was locked out of his Facebook account for violating their community standards. Paul apparently hurt Zuckerberg’s feelings with his article, The War On Terror Comes Home. 

The community standards of our Tech Overlords means you must comply with the groupthink, or else.

Paul’s piece was a scathing critique of Big Tech censorship. Despite being run by righteous and tolerant liberals, Big Tech does not tolerate, and will not let stand, scathing critiques of their censorship and hypocrisy.

From The Blaze:

Former Republican Congressman and libertarian icon Ron Paul (Texas) was locked out of his Facebook account by the social media giant on Monday, after he shared a column blasting Big Tech for silencing Americans and accused platforms of a coordinated attack with government to stifle free speech.

What are the details?

“With no explanation other than “repeatedly going against our community standards,” @Facebook has blocked me from managing my page,” Paul tweeted. “Never have we received notice of violating community standards in the past and nowhere is the offending post identified.”

In his article, Paul rightly pointed out that, eventually, Big Tech censorship is not a problem that will exclusively affect conservatives.

Many Americans viewed this assault on social media accounts as a liberal or Democrat attack on conservatives and Republicans, but they are missing the point. The narrowing of allowable opinion in the virtual public square is no conspiracy against conservatives. As progressives like Glenn Greenwald have pointed out, this is a wider assault on any opinion that veers from the acceptable parameters of the mainstream elite, which is made up of both Democrats and Republicans.

Yes, this is partly an attempt to erase the Trump movement from the pages of history, but it is also an attempt to silence any criticism of the emerging political consensus in the coming Biden era that may come from progressive or antiwar circles.

After all, a look at Biden’s incoming “experts” shows that they will be the same failed neoconservative interventionists who gave us weekly kill lists, endless drone attacks and coups overseas, and even US government killing of American citizens abroad. Progressives who complain about this “back to the future” foreign policy are also sure to find their voices silenced.

Paul concludes that there are no “easy solutions” to this predicament we find ourselves in. That is absolutely true. We have a Republican Party that did little more than hold hearings on this pervasive problem. They have been all talk and no action when it comes to this issue (and many others). Paul implores us to creatively circumvent Big Tech in order to get our message out and win hearts and minds.

So what is to be done? Even pro-free speech alternative social media outlets are under attack from the Big Tech/government Leviathan. There are no easy solutions. But we must think back to the dissidents in the era of Soviet tyranny. They had no Internet. They had no social media. They had no ability to communicate with thousands and millions of like-minded, freedom lovers. Yet they used incredible creativity in the face of incredible adversity to continue pushing their ideas. Because no army – not even Big Tech partnered with Big Government – can stop an idea whose time has come. And Liberty is that idea. We must move forward with creativity and confidence!