Violent Protests Called “Important Tool” For Left While Violent Protest Called “Criminal Act” By Right In Side By Side Hypocritical Headlines

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Hypocrisy has to be one of my favorite subjects. I even coined my own word for my own use: hypocrism, meaning an instance or example of hypocrisy. Luckily for me, society and the liberal media are rife with hypocrisms, which are best served with side by side evidence. And this time, the twitterverse did the work for me.

Behold, yet another thread of side by side headlines showing how the liberal media (and some major corporations) treated similar left-wing and right-wing protests very differently.

As a parting reminder, the below video is how the media has characterized the left-wing anti-police “protests” (violent and destructive riots) for months.

Violence certainly isn’t the answer and the violence at the Capitol building warranted the critical coverage it got. But the violent and destructive ongoing anti-police riots of the last eight months certainly warranted that same critical coverage, and instead the media downplayed, justified, and excused the violence and destruction in their coverage.