The Woke Left And Far-Right Are Bosom Buddies

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Sometimes I feel like a conspiracy theorist when I point out how some of the Democratic policies of today (like mandatory minimum wage and abortion specifically geared towards minority communities) are the same exact policies they had when they wanted to decimate the black population a few decades ago.

Is anyone else seeing this? Am I being punked right now or are they fighting for the exact same policies and simply slapping a compassionate label on them??

I do the same kind of double-take when it comes to progressive ideology these days, or the Woke left school of thought. I wonder if they realize that many of their beliefs align themselves with the far-right ideology they so vehemently condemn.

Should we separate society according to race and gender instead of by the qualities of the individual?

The woke left – Absolutely.
The far-right – Absolutely.

Are black people incapable of achieving the same standards as whites if left to their own devices?

Woke left and far right in unison – This is a fact.

Separate living spaces and safe spaces away from each other, graduation ceremonies separated by race, no mixing of the cultures….The far-right says yes, the woke left says hell yes!

Hiring policies based solely on race, actors taking roles based on their race, removing brand images featuring various races…The far-right is like, these are great ideas, I’ve been saying this for years.

Feel free to share this comical, two-minute long video with your Woke friends who swear they have so much compassion for minorities, and ask them to explain why their policies mirror that of the racist far-right that they claim to hate so much.