Censorship Is The Dumbing Down Of America

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Censorship can be defined as the suppression of ideas, images, or words that are found to be offensive in some way. In reality, nearly everything could be considered offensive to one person or another, so censorship is always relative to the entity who is doing the censoring. It usually involves having the moral or political values from one group placed onto another, or prevented from reaching another. 

We typically think of censorship as something corrupt governments do to prevent their citizens from opposing them, or spreading information that is damaging to their goals or image. 

You’ll find plenty of people from Cuba and Venezuela who warn that censorship was the first step towards losing their freedoms in the communist countries. Take a look at China and how the government controls private internet usage and news reporting agencies. 

Conservative thought leaders, politicians, and websites have been censored increasingly over the last few years. It was a creeping tide that no one really cared about as long as it wasn’t affecting them. Now that it’s being executed en masse, people are starting to stand up and ask questions.

It’s a little too late. If Apple and Google Play can ban popular apps from their App Store for policies they don’t like, and Facebook can delete groups with half a million members, and ban all of their admin, if Twitter can ban the President of the country, yeah it’s a little too late to speak up now. They’re on a power trip of epic proportions and they’re clearly not afraid of anyone reigning them in.

I know people are pissed, and I know they are scared. We’re talking about lots of American citizens who use social media for their livelihoods. They have a right to be worried. I don’t have reassuring words for those people. It’s happening, and for many people, there’s no safety net in place that would allow them to operate in the same capacity.

Here’s the thing. If you are simply affected by this socially, it may be the biggest favor Big Tech has done for you.

The social media giants that once encouraged us to design our own information highways now demand that we conform to acceptable rules of thought or seek an alternative route. If people on the left want to work so hard to live with censorship, I hope they’ve thought long and hard about the consequences it will bring. To them.

Censorship redirects the responsibility of consumption in society, giving control of an individual’s ethical and moral standard over to the institution that is dictating what is acceptable. We can see this in how BLM and Antifa riots were deemed “mostly peaceful” protests while buildings were on fire and lives were lost. They were labeled necessary gatherings while businesses were forced to shut their doors for good because people were not allowed to congregate there.

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People who allow their moral and ethical standard to be dictated by someone else are as malleable as clay. They quickly become puppets who can’t think for themselves.

If you’ve ever had a conversation with a leftist who is very adamant about their position, but can’t explain why without calling you a racist, you’ve experienced the loss of intelligence that follows censorship of opposing ideas. 

People who are not allowed to think for themselves quickly forget how to think. Sometimes it’s a welcome reprieve from a taxing chore, but sometimes it’s completely involuntary and unnoticed. If big tech thinks they’re hurting us by forcing conservatives to be smarter, work harder, and be more creative while leftists become entrenched in their zombie-like following of the acceptable narrative of the day, I’m not going to argue with them. If you think leftists can’t get any dumber, hang onto your butts!

It’s well and good for the left to come together against a “common enemy” (us), but do they really think that kind of behavior has a stopping point? No. There will be leftists who are not progressive enough, who have centrist ideas that are deemed unacceptable. Congratulations, you’ve become the new “right”. 

Most leftists are eternally unhappy people who need an enemy and a cause. You just took away the toddler’s toy. Enjoy the tantrum that ensues when they struggle to find something to entertain themselves or rally against next (enjoy this titillating video of the Democratic Socialist Convention and all its hilarity).

Mock wrote about this on Twitter. Censorship will come for the left, there’s no doubt about it. And it will eat its own.

Outside of the money they spend constantly working to censor and control their platform, and the money they will lose in business growth, advertising, and investment opportunities, it amuses me that social media outlets will be the key to their own demise.

It also strikes me as the desperate move of someone who feels like they’re losing control of their narrative. If media and social media are worried that citizens see right through them, they’re right. That’s the case more and more every day. Silencing the opposition doesn’t always make them shut up. When you’re dealing with strong-willed, stubborn conservatives, it really just makes them more entrenched in their beliefs. Congratulations, because all of those die-hard conservatives you were worried about? Yeah, you just created more of them.

At first I was angry about the censorship, and then I was scared for what this symbolized in our country. Then I realized that this is probably the worst thing the left could do if they want to destroy the right.

Repression of free thought creates blind and empty compliance. I, for one, am glad that far fewer conservatives will be exposed to the dumbing down of America. Reverting to in-depth search methods, researching sources, reading books and listening to well thought-out conversations instead of being masters of sharing unread headlines will give us the intellectual high ground when conservative ideas meet liberal ones in debate. In addition, I look forward to the new businesses and platforms that will grow out of necessity and then thrive from conservative support.