Laura Ingraham Calls On President Trump To Invite Biden To White House, Attend Inauguration

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Last night on Fox News, Laura Ingraham called on President Trump to do two things. First, invite Joe Biden to the White House, and second, attend Biden’s inauguration.

Watch this short clip where Ingraham lays out her reasons for imploring Trump to do these things.

I take issue with Ingraham’s statement where she delcares,  “President Trump’s message of unity tonight was pitch perfect, though I wish it had come yesterday, of course.”

First, I agree President Trump’s message last night was pitch perfect. However, there is no way it could have come the day before. The only way he could’ve delivered it the day before, was if he abandoned the fight in the Electoral College and gave up. That is not what he promised his voters. He had already lined up a lot of support from members in the House and Senate. The Electoral College fight, which was basically abandoned in the Senate, was not over until the dead of the night.

Of course, faith in our electoral system does need to be restored. But, for that to take place, this election needs to be thoroughly and honestly investigated. Election laws need to be reformed and tightened. I have no faith that either of those things will happen, particularly in states where they need to happen (i.e. Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, etc.).

According to Ingraham, “following tradition and protocol is always the right thing to do.” This is a tough statement. In general, I agree and would like to see the traditions and protocol of the transfer of power take place. However, traditions and protocol left the building 4 years ago. Heck, even longer than that. We, as a society, have discarded so many traditions and protocol. We no longer have a basic set of morals upon which we agree. We no longer have a United patriotic pride in country. We no longer even agree on what is a man and what is a woman.

And, this year, we didn’t follow the traditions and protocol of how elections take place.

I truly don’t know how I feel about Trump attending the inauguration. After all they have done to him the last four years, I don’t think I’d blame him one bit for skipping. They have never ceased to attack and disparage Trump and his voters. Pence can stand-in for Trump for all I care.

What are your thoughts on Ingraham’s position?