Dumb People Discuss Dumb Ideas, Whitesplaining White Privilege

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Recently I wrote about white privilege. In case you missed it, it can be summarized as the dumbest idea created out of thin air by the dumbest people to ever waste oxygen while fomenting on their couches. It surpasses Diet Water, the Walking Sleeping Bag, and even Undies for Two. And those are HELLA dumb.

White privilege is worse because if you’re white and you don’t believe in it, you’re supposed to be subject to white guilt. Which is also a made-up thing. To be fair, if you DO believe in white privilege you are supposed to ALSO suffer from white guilt. Because as I said, the idea is effing dumb.

If you’re not white and you don’t believe in white privilege you’ve simply been “brainwashed” by too much time spent thinking for yourself so your opinion is irrelevant.

So if you read the white privilege article and you were like, “Hell yeah, that’s dumb,” I want to share one of my very favorite videos with you! Ami Horowitz interviews some of these white privileged morons, and though their stupidity is sad it amuses me to no end.

Ami Horowitz – Is it wrong to judge people collectively?

Idiot savant – Yes.

Ami Horowitz – Is it fair to say all white people are racist?

Idiot savant – Yes.

Blink blink…but…you just said…like, JUST said….

Delusional adult idiot – I feel myself having white privilege every day.

Ami Horowitz – How did you experience white privilege today?

Delusional adult idiot – I don’t know, I’m not really good at thinking.

Bruh, we know.

And one of these talking paperweights is a professor!! Sheesh. I’d rather get my education from a stack of Highlights magazines. Autocorrect knows more than that woman and it’s always ducking wrong.

Please watch the full video in all its glory:

Another one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE videos of his is where white liberals discuss why voter ID is racist against black people, while sounding straight-up racist themselves.

Pardon me, white liberal savior, but I think you dropped your pointed hood.