The Media’s Suppression Of Hunter Biden’s Story, Until Now, Is A Disgrace

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Well, folks, it would be out of character for me to NOT write about this. Allow me to share my thoughts on this extra-large spicy meatball of a disgrace.

Dear media,

What’s next after you lose trust, likely never to be regained? Do you apologize and change your course and purpose, or do you charge ahead down the same path, believing that someone out there will still believe in you? At what point do you give up and turn back? It’s now or never.

Ken Jennings, I’ll take ‘never’ for $4,500.00 and a planeload of cold hard cash on pallets for Iran, please.

I’ve been reflecting on this fantastic opinion article written by @SohrabAhmari at The New York Post. It’s a good one, and you should read it.

Ahmari begins with this:

In high-school journalism classes, teenaged would-be reporters are taught to value curiosity and independent thinking above all. Question powerful people: they’re told [sic] and don’t trust anything anyone says, even if it’s Mom telling you she loves you.

Well, America, The New York Post played the role of our ‘Mom’ and tried to tell us they loved us back when they broke the story about Hunter’s laptop and emails. But in rushed the well-trained media minions to do what they do best, and do as they were told. The question is, who told them to bury the story?

In the weeks before the election, these and many other outlets proved themselves decidedly incurious about all of this, even as other sources came forward to verify the allegations, and Hunter and his father refused to dispute the authenticity of the emails upon which The Post’s reporting was based.
In fact, the one thing the media weren’t interested in was the truth or falsity of The Post’s reporting. The message — which they all read off in unison, as if they had all received the same memo — was that the Hunter Files were “disinformation,” possibly planted by the Kremlin, and certainly not worthy of looking into.

The media and big tech censorship turned that love note from ‘Mom’ into troublesome ‘disinformation’ and a ‘conspiracy theory.’ The New York Post’s story was based on purported emails retrieved from Hunter Biden’s laptop. So, @jack ‘Twitface’ took the liberty to take down The New York Post’s account altogether, because the Twitter gods deemed it ‘disinformation.’

This is nothing new. Over the past four years, the media ignored legitimate stories like the Biden family’s dodgy Ukrainian & Chinese deals, elevating it all as dangerous and irresponsible ‘conspiracy theories.’

NOW THIS: After the media decided it is their job to call the presidency-elect for Biden, when liberals think their vote for Joe won him the presidency, it is now that liberals across the country are learning about the emails that ‘Mom’ tried to tell them about before they voted.

And now the media is moving forward as if no one listened to their Biden-Protection-Plan for the past four years.

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Witness the reaction of nearly all mainstream media to The Post’s bombshell reporting on the Hunter Biden Files, which recently garnered yet another boost of verification — this one courtesy of the illustrious vice-presidential son himself, who revealed that federal authorities are probing his “taxes.”
The probe appears to be much wider than that, in fact. Politico and the Times report that investigators across several jurisdictions are looking into potential money-laundering involving Hunter’s foreign ties and his finances generally. CNN says “at least one of the matters investigators have examined is a 2017 gift of a 2.8-carat diamond that Hunter Biden received” from an executive of a state-backed Chinese energy firm.
Oh, now they tell us.

Liberals are now learning how the conspiracy theory emails found on Hunter’s laptop before the election are no longer a conspiracy theory.

Liberals are now learning how ‘the big guy’ they voted for has a son and a brother who are both under investigation by the feds.

Liberals are now learning about all of this just in time to justify kicking Joe to the curb and letting Kamala take over.

Almost like it was planned. Amiright? Or are y’all going to call me a conspiracy theorist?

I’ll say it now; I believe the media knows exactly what they’re doing with the Biden news. They know they’ve lost our trust, and they don’t care. They’re on a planned and strategic bait-and-switch mission to kick Biden to the curb and install Kamala for Obama’s shadow presidency.

I mean, seriously, the Time Magazine cover for POY says it all.

Why isn’t Obama portrayed in the shadow behind Kamala’s profile? I mean, why not? Because anyone paying attention knows that is what this is about. As I wrote on December 4, 2020.

Enter the bait-and-switch fraud: The world knows that Kamala Harris was unelectable as U.S. President, but she was more palatable as V.P. to Joe Biden. Now, Joe Biden is about to be thrown under the bus. Think I’m nuts? Just watch. It’s been the Obama shadow plan all along.

Don’t expect the media to apologize anytime soon; they’re still working for Obama. Why do I believe this? Allow me to add a friendly reminder. Remember Russiagate? That happened. Ukrainegate happened. And the same media was complicit in all of it.

How many of y’all are aware that Judge Sullivan dismissed the entire fraudulent Russiagate frame-job against General Flynn last week? The media didn’t say much about that, did they? I can guarantee that anyone in the media who is complicit in the crimes of Russiagate sharted themselves a few times last week when they heard the Sullivan news.

Are you connecting the dots yet?

The same media who covered for Biden also covered for team Obama with all things Russiagate. The same media has as much to cover up about their work surrounding Russiagate as does team Obama. All they’re doing now is covering their tails. They could give a rat’s derriere if we trust them anymore.

The bottom line is this: The covering up their cover-ups will only succeed if Trump is not reelected. That’s how I see it anyway. It’s just too obvious. End of story.

How’s that for a spicy meatball?

P.S. Please stop telling your kids that ‘journalism’ is about thinking for themselves and questioning powerful people. Tell them the truth that real news reporting is dead. Journalism is now an art of selling your soul and obeying corrupt power in the shadows. Prove me wrong. There’s not a mainslime media or Twitter or YouTube algorithm that will change my mind.