Woman Claiming To Be A Teacher In Oregon Screams At Protesters — Tells Them To ‘Kill Themselves’ In Viral Video [Opinion]

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Over the weekend in Bend, a group of peaceful protesters promoted their desire to keep their businesses open. When suddenly, entering stage left at the light, exhibit a: looney tunes teacher GOES FULLY UNHINGED.

Watch this belligerent loon shout ‘b-tch kill yourself’ as she berates protesters from her Subaru. Isn’t a Subaru supposed to be all about love? Sorry honey, whomever you are in Bend, Oregon, there’s no cure for your disease.

I have a few suggestions, people.

PARENTS: I’d advise homeschooling. Do y’all know of this crazy lady? Because you should keep your kids away from her.

TEACHERS: I know plenty of reasonable and wonderful teachers. Many of you are out there and we love you. It would help if you started calling out your fellow leftist loons because far-left teacher-chicks like this gal are giving all y’all teachers a bad name. I’m not sure if it is because they were seriously far-left indoctrinated when in college, or if it’s the teachers’ unions or both but they’re nuts. Call them out.

Ultimately, I’m not sure what the solution is, or if there is one for such elevated TDS. In the meantime here’s some fun sarcasm.

You guys, these people are sick, but it’s not from the ‘Rona.