BREAKING: Facebook Has New Policy: Reportedly Set To Police Anti-Black Speech More Aggressively Than Anti-White Speech

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Facebook will be monitoring “hate speech” much more closely, according to the Daily Wire.

Facebook will be policing “slurs directed at Blacks, Muslims, people of more than one race, the LGBTQ community, and Jews.”

“In the first phase of the project, which was announced internally to a small group in October, engineers said they had changed the company’s systems to deprioritize policing contemptuous comments about ‘Whites,’ ‘men’ and ‘Americans.’ Facebook still considers such attacks to be hate speech, and users can still report it to the company. However, the company’s technology now treats them as ‘low-sensitivity’ — or less likely to be harmful — so that they are no longer automatically deleted by the company’s algorithms. That means roughly 10,000 fewer posts are now being deleted each day, according to the document.”

“We know that hate speech targeted towards underrepresented groups can be the most harmful, which is why we have focused our technology on finding the hate speech that users and experts tell us is the most serious. Over the past year, we’ve also updated our policies to catch more implicit hate speech, such as content depicting Blackface, stereotypes about Jewish people controlling the world, and banned Holocaust denial.”

“We can’t combat systemic racism if we can’t talk about it, and challenging white supremacy and White men is an important part of having dialogue about racism. But you can’t have the conversation if it is being filtered out, bizarrely, by overly blunt hate speech algorithms.”

“In mid-2019, Facebook began allowing algorithms to take down hate speech content automatically, without being first sent to a human reviewer. Such software was only able to proactively detect 65 percent of comments that [the] company determined were hate speech at the time.”

From The Daily Wire:

The Post states that the previous “hate speech” policies appeared to result in the company “being more vigilant about removing slurs lobbed against White users while flagging and deleting innocuous posts by people of color on the platform.”

The new policy, which has yet to become an official approach or be rolled out system-wide, could have vast implications for Facebook’s status as a neutral platform for content. Like Twitter, Facebook is currently considered a neutral forum for speech, giving it some exemption from government oversight and, under the Federal Communications Act of 1934, 47 U.S.C. § 230 — known as “Section 230” — qualified immunity from responsibility for users’ uploaded content.

At least one progressive “free speech expert” told the Post she agrees with Facebook’s proposed policy because it helps in addressing “systemic racism” and structural white supremacy specifically because it allows criticism of white men to remain on the platform, even if it ultimately has the effect of censoring other controversial content.

Facebook’s speech policy is under an ongoing transformation, according to The Washington Post, building on past projects designed to understand racial disparities that occur on the platform, as well as interviews and reports from civil rights organizations and focus group interviews.

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