Experts Suggest Foul Play — Suspicious Circumstances Surrounding Death Of 26-Year-Old Social Media Influencer Is Examined

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Expert investigators are analyzing Alexis Sharkey’s body, according to Fox News.

Alexis Sharkey, allegedly left her home Friday after an altercation with her husband and the next day the 26-year-old’s body as found on the side of Red Haw Lane.

An autopsy has performed and the scene where she was found is being investigated.

It is reported that foul play “has not been ruled out.”

“Houston police would have looked very carefully in the bushes” for evidence Baden said. Baden noted the likelihood that her body was deliberately taken to the area considering the fact that she was nude.

“And whoever did it may have left something behind at the scene, whether it’s shoe prints, whether tire tracks, whether it’s pieces of clothing that got pulled off when they’re going into the bushes.”

Baden said it’s likely that DNA may be recovered from Alexis Sharkey’s body in certain areas, such as underneath her fingernails.

The contents of her stomach will be examined for clues that could indicate the time of her death and possibly where she last ate.

“At the scene, the time of death might be approximated.”

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Baden said investigators will “still want to see how much rigor mortis (stiffening of the body’s muscles and joints) is present; to see how … the settling of blood has occurred, lividity, and the temperature of the body compared to the outside temperature can all give an idea of how long she had been dead,” he said. “And whether she had been there the whole time or had been moved from another place.”

“The toxicology exam is to find any kinds of drugs that are in the body, whether it is alcohol in the body, which she may have taken or somebody may have forced on her, but also whether there are other drugs … rape drugs that would put people in a defenseless position. Whether drugs in any way contributed to her death would be important, and whether that was the cause of death.”

Lara Yeretsian says, “The spouse is always the prime suspect, and it doesn’t help that her friends are saying that she told them about a tumultuous relationship.”

Baden said, “You take a discoloration – it’s purple or blue or red or yellow or green – and look at it under the microscope, one can get a good idea of how long they’ve been there.”

Tom Sharkey said they didn’t fight prior to her departure and claims that he “told her she couldn’t drive under the influence.”

“I know what my life was with my wife.”

Lara Yeretsian said, “It all depends on what the evidence shows but I expect this to be a hot story with feelings running very strong, which will make any defense an uphill battle.”

Houston Police Department says they’ll “find everyone that was involved.”

More from Fox News:

Sharkey’s friends have alleged the woman “feared for her life,” and some previously claimed Sharkey admitted her husband “had been putting hands on her,” according to a Daily Beast report.

Police have not corroborated their claims and Sharkey’s mother, Stacey Robinault, told Fox News on Wednesday her daughter “never expressed any fear of anything.”

Lara Yeretsian, a criminal defense attorney who previously worked on the defense teams for high profile cases, including Scott Peterson and Michael Jackson, said she’s not surprised the case has fallen under the media spotlight.

She said the now-high-profile circumstances “will make it very difficult for the husband if he becomes a suspect.”

Speaking generally, Baden said recent past injuries could be evident on a victim’s body, depending on how old they are. In some cases, certain injuries can be present “for many weeks.”

HPD has not released any updated information in the case as of Thursday afternoon.