Lori Loughlin Reportedly Has ‘High Anxiety’ About Catching COVID-19 While Behind Bars

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Lori Loughlin has high anxiety about contracting COVID-19 in prison, as reported by the Daily Caller.

“She’s [Loughlin’s] not crying every night but I have been told she has high anxiety.”

“My clients who are there have said no crying but high anxiety – not about the prisoners but the Covid and the issues with that.”

“It’s not being able to go and pick up the phone when the phones are supposed to be on and go call somebody. She’s alone.”

“From a nice home to laying on a mat wearing a uniform,” she added. “You’re wearing a uniform that is a men’s uniform. She’s wearing boots. Not Gucci shoes, she’s wearing boots. These are things she’s not used to.”

“It’s dirty. You never can get rid of the dirt. It is not a pleasant place. They do have some grass in the prison grounds but if you can just imagine, it’s old furniture, metal furniture, nothing aesthetically, remotely modern.”

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The former inmate went on to explain that with phone calls reduced due to the pandemic and the prison being very “dirty,” it’s just not something the “Fuller House” star is “used to.”

Coulman explained that the prison is “very small” and one of the “older prisons in the US” and that inside it looks “like a rundown community college government building with old tile, old lights, fluorescence.”