Harvey Weinstein Being Surveilled While In Prison To ‘Avoid Another Epstein’

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Harvey Weinstein is being highly monitored to ensure there is not another “Jeffrey Epstein ‘suicide’ incident,” according to TMZ.

There is a correctional officer appointed to escort Weinstein everywhere he goes inside the state prison.

Weinstein is in poor health but tested negative for the Coronavirus.

He is being diligently monitored with multiple cameras and regularly switched guards.

As reported by TMZ, Weinstein is being recorded 24 hours a day.

More from TMZ:

As for why … the concerns followed Weinstein from Rikers to where is is currently — prison officials are worried if they take their eyes off Weinstein things could quickly go awry.

More importantly, we’re told state prison officials are doing this to tamp down any conspiracy theories that might arise if things go south — not just that, they’re looking to cover their butts from criminal liability.

Weinstein’s rep, Juda Engelmayer, declined to comment. The New York State DOC also refused to comment on specific safety protocols for any given prisoner.