Sheriff’s Deputy Fired After Jack-O-Lantern Joke — Depicted Watermelon As Kamala Harris

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

A Michigan sheriff was fired for posting a watermelon-jack-o-lantern cut to represent Kamala Harris, according to The New York Post.

Sherry Prose, the officer, was terminated immediately.

Undersheriff Michael McGabe said, “We are outraged by this former employee’s actions and condemn the behavior she chose to engage in.”

“These types of incidents are disgusting and will never be tolerated or pushed aside at the sheriff’s office.”

“Behavior such as this brings tarnish to the badge and is not representative [of] all those in law enforcement who protect and serve.

Prose said, “I worked hard in my law enforcement career and I am proud of the reputation I earned in my 30 plus years of service.”

“I am not racist and never will be.”

McGabe said, “I believe that the intent was purposely structured to diminish and to dilute the significance of the first African American … as vice president of the United States. To some people, ignorance is bliss.”

“The employee was terminated immediately by us for this post. With over 1,400 employees, we expect all of them to have integrity and good moral values.”

“However, when they do not, it is addressed immediately with discipline and/or termination.”