California Judge Reportedly Orders Strip Clubs In San Diego To Open — While Churches Remain In Battle To Open

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San Diego Superior Court judge Joel R. Wohlfeil has ordered that strip clubs be reopened, according to the Daily Wire.

Paul Jonna, an attorney is representing multiple churches in California to protest this “constitutional travesty.”

“If you’re going to accept that argument that dancing nude is protected speech that’s so significant that it overcomes the government’s interest in regulating its citizens with COVID-19 orders, then obviously the divine worship of God, which is expressly mentioned in the First Amendment, should be held to a higher standard.”

“This is a constitutional travesty that must be immediately rectified. As one California judge aptly noted – you can’t treat a church like a hair salon because churches are entitled to greater protection under the Constitution.”

“And you certainly can’t treat a church like a strip club. In California, churches are being treated worse than strip clubs.”

“The constitutional right to worship God is infinitely more important than any right to entertainment.”

“We will not rest until we fully vindicate the fundamental constitutional right to worship God without government interference.”

Pastor John MacArthur said, “Today’s current crop of politicians are trampling on the Constitution and on the resolve of citizens to demand their rights under the pressure of a manufactured fear.”

“The reality is that the COVID data just doesn’t match the government’s COVID narrative.” Even if an individual catches COVID-19, MacArthur claimed, “You have a 99.99% chance to survive COVID. It’s just not what they’re saying it is.”

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“That absolutely does not warrant shutting down anything. But especially, absurdly and arbitrarily, churches that have a special protection from the Constitution.”

“Oh, and at the same time, leaving open abortion clinics, strip clubs, and marijuana dispensaries.”

“And by the way, the Health Department is on record as saying they are going to allow riots and protests without regard for the mandated health and safety ordinances.”

“This is obviously targeted discrimination. Leftists and secular government officials have no tolerance for biblical Christianity, so they’re using COVID as an excuse to shut us down.”

From Daily Wire:

San Diego Superior Court judge Joel R. Wohlfeil issued a temporary restraining order against Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom and San Diego County that orders them to cease any action that prevents such establishments from “being allowed to provide live adult entertainment,” according to The Washington Free Beacon.

The court found that the entertainment at the two strip clubs involved in the case is “constitutionally protected speech” and concluded that “the harm to [the strip clubs] if the Application is denied is greater than the harm to [the government] if the Application is granted.”