Grease Next To Be Canceled? Plus, Candace Owens Is On A Manhunt.

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Harry Styles is wearing dresses now, y’all.  And because it’s 2020, that’s stunning and brave.

Sweet. JESUS.

Yep – we talked about that early this morning.  WAAAAAY too early:

And per our discussion, if you haven’t heard that awesome podcast of ours from like a YEAR ago (it was EPISODE SEVEN YOU GUYS OMG), you should listen to it here:

Listen to “Ep. 7: #BringDudesBack” on Spreaker.

I hope that works?

Anywho, I also forgot to post YESTERDAY’s episode of our Daily Dish, because I have this new job and all, and I was completely slammed yesterday.  I was so busy, I forgot to eat lunch, which is saying something, BECAUSE I LOVE FOOD.

Here’s yesterday’s:

Hope y’all have an awesome Tuesdaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!