Rumor Has It That A Large Number Of Independent Truck Drivers Are Going On Strike, Report Unconfirmed

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

…”we will STOP ALL TIRES for 24 hours on Veteran’s Day 11/11/2020. If this is not effective and our leaders do not respect that blue-collar truck drivers are facing domestic terrorism, primarily in Democrat run cities all over the United States, and that we do not support the banning of fracking in any way, then we will have our second STOP OF TIRES for FOUR full days 11/26-11/29.”

This is from a photo on their Facebook group of 15,000 members – Stop The Tires Truckers. They are very clear to point out that they do not wish any truckers who transport medical supplies to participant in the strike.

Another site shows videos from a trucker stating “November 29th we park and don’t move”. This stop seems to be connected to lockdown measures that have closed restaurants and rest stops and are opting not to plow the highways in winter. These truckers feel unappreciated and taken for granted, so they’re saying good luck getting your groceries on time.

There are rumors of ANOTHER in New York after drivers for Whole Foods assert that their trucks haven’t been sanitized in months and has refused to give them basic protective equipment like hand sanitizer.

By all means, please do not rush to the store to buy out all of the toilet paper again! That was annoying. No one needs an apocalypse-sized supply of toilet paper. Don’t buy all of the milk and bread either, what the hell kind of sandwiches is everyone making with those ingredients? If you’re far from the store or tend to make one large monthly trip, it may be prudent to do it soon and at least head into Thanksgiving knowing you have everything you need to last an extra few days if necessary. Otherwise, simply be aware that the truckers are making a stand for their values and their industry.

The American people have been quick to praise and then forget all of those who have worked to maintain our sanity and quality of life during the pandemic. Add that to the Biden/Harris stance on the Green New Deal, basically attacking industries like oil and trucking, I’m not surprised to see tucker strikes popping up.

Honestly, I’m glad they have the balls to do it, and I’ll simply do my part to not complain if I go out to buy new towels and they don’t have the exact color I want in stock. I’m also going to buy a new trucker hat because, yes totally supportive, but also I think I’d look super cute in a trucker hat. I’m a bit of a Southern Belle, but I’m pretty excited to uncover my country girl as well!