Governor DeSantis Proposes Anti-Mob Bill, Allowing Citizens To Shoot Looters And Rioters

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Let me just get this out here right now: If President Trump loses this election and does not run again in 2024, I’ll be the first person out there shouting, DeSantis 2024!

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been a strong conservative leader since taking office. The keyword in that sentence is leader. DeSantis leads, he does not follow. This has been evident in his COVID-19 policies. He has not given in to fear or slipped into power drunkenness. He has instituted few and comparatively brief statewide restrictions, especially for such a large state. This puts him in stark contrast to other governors like Governor Newsom, Governor Cuomo, Governor Whitmer, and Governor Holcomb, just to name a few.

From The Daily Caller:

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has proposed an “anti-mob” bill that would allow residents to shoot rioters and looters who target businesses following nationwide unrest.

The law would expand the state’s self-defense law, which currently forbids “the use of force in defense of property,” by increasing what constitutes a “forcible felony,” according to the Miami Herald. DeSantis seeks to make looting or “interruption or impairment” of a business such a felony, thereby justifying deadly force to prevent it, the local outlet reported.

Yes! Pass this legislation, now!!!

The legislation would also make it a felony to block traffic and protect any driver who accidentally kills a protester blocking the road. This is absolutely necessary as the mob has blocked traffic too many times without regard to people’s need to get to work, school, or wherever the hell they want to go. It has become a frequent tactic of the left to get attention and stir up chaos.

As a law-abiding citizen, I have zero problems with this proposed legislation.

The changes to the law are especially needed after seeing the inability or unwillingness of the police to enforce law and order. We all heard about police being ordered to stand down in cities across America this summer. Clearly, citizens cannot count on the police to protect their life and property. Therefore, it is necessary for the law to explicitly protect people’s right to defend their life and property themselves.

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