Ric Grenell Fact Checks News That Biden Considering Appointing First Openly Gay Cabinet Member

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Former Trump administration acting Director of National Intelligence, current Trump advocate and very openly gay man, Ric Grenell, has fact-checked a media outlet that wrongly credited Joe Biden with potentially being the first president to appoint an openly gay person to a cabinet position.

From Townhall.com:

A headline making the rounds on Twitter on Monday appeared to be a downright lie.

“Joe Biden ‘almost certain’ to make Pete Buttigieg America’s first out gay cabinet official. Here’s where he could land,” wrote PinkNews.

As social media users quickly noted, that milestone has already been checked off. Richard Grenell, who is openly gay, served as President Trump’s U.S. ambassador to Germany and then as the acting Director of National Intelligence.

We ought to get used to the media fawning over every move the Biden administration does. They’re already drooling over the dogs that will be moving into the White House. Puff pieces will rule the day and Jill Biden will soon be gracing magazine covers. Never forget that Melania has not been on one magazine cover.

Grenell was quick to point out the error and asked where the Twitter police were with their fact-checking skills.

The craziest thing is that PinkNews wrote about Grenell’s historic appointment back in February. Granted, February seems like twenty years ago at this point, but still. PinkNews didn’t want to miss an opportunity to highlight Biden’s wokeness. They since updated the news article on their website clarifying that Pete Buttigieg would be the first full-time cabinet member.

BFD. Grenell has already blazed the gay cabinet member trail.

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