An Open Letter to Conservative America

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

While the election results are still up in the air, there are a few things that will remain the same no matter which way the election goes. 

As a younger voter, this being my first Presidential election, I am filled with hope for America’s future. No matter the outcome of the election. More people than ever are becoming aware of the political sphere. While it is widely known that the newest onslaught of voters– Gen Z leans left–I am confident in the sense of individualism and free thought arising. When I see my friends around me who voted blue, I don’t think they are idiots or stupid for doing so. I believe that they all genuinely desire the best for the country. Many friends approached me as the lone conservative they know to ask me about my take on this election. Some voted red. Some still voted blue. But they still asked questions. And I am so glad questions were asked.

It’s easy as the generation who was practically bottle-fed by an iPhone to be enveloped in the social media mob.

Everyone’s opinions are everywhere. There is almost nothing my peers haven’t heard, seen, or witnessed that hasn’t been shoved down their throats with some sort of political or moral take woven in by mostly left sources. They have so many opinions pressed upon them as fact that it’s almost impossible to determine what’s going on beyond the echo-chamber. I speak from that experience myself. I once had a lot more left-leaning ideas. And then I just asked questions. And asked some more.

What conservatives across the country have to fight for is freedom of speech. And I mean speech everywhere, including the media. Most notably, Twitter. My peers want the truth. I want the truth. You, reading this article, are searching for the truth. Right now, the marketplace of ideas is flooded– everyone is screaming at the top of their lungs. I am betting that when it gets loud enough, people will stop, look around, and ask, “What the hell is everyone screaming about?”

Most importantly, we need to stop putting people into camps. We need to stop the ‘liberal snowflake’ banter. (While I agree that sometimes I think that name is deserved, we just need to bite our tongues sometimes). The left needs to stop the ‘Trumpet/Trump Voter’ generalizations and other name-calling. When a toddler has a tantrum, sometimes you just need to let the tantrum run its course and wait for the quiet that follows. People have called me every name in the book and still do. Rather than get defensive (which I admit I sometimes do) I just come at it from a new angle. Alright, that’s your belief. Why do you think that?

Keep defending your beliefs. While it may seem like no one wants to hear, the dialogue will have to happen at some point. Trump won more minority votes than any other Republican President in the past 60 years. Change is happening.

Don’t stop speaking up. Don’t stop engaging. Don’t stop asking the tough questions. The next generation of voters is listening.