Anne Hathaway Apologizes For…(Checks Notes) Playing A Split-Handed Witch. This Is NOT The Onion.

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

In a film released October 22nd this year entitled ‘The Witches‘ Anne Hathaway is apologizing for… acting. You read that right. You’re not crazy.

‘The Witches’ is based on Roald Dahl’s novel and is the second adaptation of the 1990 film. According to The Daily Mail, many disabled people have spoken out on the movie for ‘demonizing’ split hands. The disorder itself is known as Ectrodactyly.

While you may be rolling your eyes at the Political Correctness of it all, Hathaway addressed this concern.

“Let me begin by saying I do my best to be sensitive to the feelings and experiences of others not out of some scrambling PC fear, but because not hurting others seems like a basic level of decency we should all be striving for,” Anne said in an Instagram post.

I’m sorry, but I don’t think acting as a witch counts as ‘hurting’ others. Witches are also depicted as grey-haired, and warty. Should older women be offended at this ‘shared’ characteristic? What about those with warts? (Haha). See how this could just go on and on?

Is my favorite movie, The Silence of The Lambs, canceled because Clarice’s kidnapper dresses up like a woman after kidnapping her? Does every person on the planet think that every drag queen or trans individual is some crazy murder-kidnapper? Of course not!

In the Broadway show Newsies, is it now problematic that ‘Charles Albert’ (I literally had to look up his real name) is referred to as ‘Crutchy’ the entire show due to his having a bum leg due to polio?

Acting is canceled, everyone. So are stories. Baby Yoda? Canceled too, because how dare a cute little alien have split hands? Someone might think all people with abnormalities are of another universe!