Are We Witnessing A MAGA-Revolution And Rejection Of Democratic Socialism?

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

I’ll admit this election is stressing me out. I assume many of you might relate well with me on the increased stress levels, so I need to share a positive vibe with y’all. This first video shared by James Woods is my favorite and all credit for the video production goes to @JuliansRum. (If you don’t follow either of them on Twitter, you should.) This video is 100% abundant love for President Trump and America.

So with all of that love for President Trump and America, why am I so stressed? Allow me to set the stage.

Conservatives are genuinely concerned because we realize that a vote for Joe Biden is a vote for Xi and the CCP. I saw it mentioned that the 2020 election is the most critical in the history of the Chinese Communist Party. That makes sense to me since Joe Biden is their Big Guy, and China must find a way for him to defeat Trump in order to control America. Moreover, liberal dumbsh*ts in this country are proud to be voting for China’s Big Guy.

What scares me almost more than Xi himself is how many liberals are completely hoodwinked; how they have no clue as to what is going down with the globalist and communist “reset.” The media have so completely brainwashed liberals that they hear the Marxist and Communist things that Joe and Kamala continually vomit, and many of them don’t care. (I’m hoping that some of them do care and are secretly voting for Trump as a registered Democrat.) We’ll see what happens.

Without mentioning the Biden “laptop from hell,” (Where is Hunter anyway?) Biden has recently said he plans to work with China on public health and climate change – wow, buddy, that should go well. Plus, he plans to strip us of our religious liberties. Been there done that already with Obama. Not a top seller. And Kamala came out of the closet with her communist goals for America–a plan that requires Americans to hand over their equity in the name of equality. All of that, and it doesn’t matter. Most liberals will vote for their ticket because they’ve been programmed by the media to hate Trump so much. They’re willing to vote for Communism–anything to defeat the orange-man-bad.

I’ve watched clips of Biden’s “rallies” on Twitter. His gatherings look like 6 x 6 circles of masked up duck-duck-goose. And what is up with his sunglasses, you guys? Does he have a black eye or something? Maybe he’s adjusting to the bright lights after being in his basement for too long. He’s keeping his gatherings small on purpose. You know, he’s encouraging his fans to stay at home in their basements because he wants them to stay safe. Biden’s gatherings have been small even when graced with Obama and Lady Gaga. And get this, on Monday, Joe told Americans that he works for Lady Gaga. Yeah, we know, Joe.

All of this brings me to one point. I’ve decided to stop focusing on the Democrat sh*t show and focus instead on what appears to be a BIG REVOLUTION and rejection of all things Socialism, Marxism, and Communism.

I’m starting to see and feel a red wave of Americans rising for freedom and liberty and justice for all and all things Trump. Are you feeling it too?

An unprecedented number of Americans are rising to support President Trump. Tweet after tweet, I see videos of Trump’s peaceful protests that are immense red waves of “WE LOVE AMERICA” and “the CCP can suck it.” Please share these videos with your friends and help keep this wave of positive energy alive and moving on social media. AND VOTE LIKE YOUR LIVES DEPEND ON IT, because, let’s face it, it’s true.

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The following clips are from the ten Trump rallies held on Sunday and Monday. Each day, the President held five rallies, visiting seven states in two days. The Trump family has been touring the country too. At each stop, Trump’s kids pulled in bigger crowds than Biden, and it’s been glorious to watch.

Grand Rapids, Michigan, Monday Night:

Kenosha, Wisconsin, Monday Night:

Traverse City, Michigan, Monday Night:

Scranton, Pennsylvania, Monday:

Fayetteville, North Carolina, Monday:

Opa-locka, Florida, Sunday Night:

Dubuque, Iowa, Sunday:

Washington Township, Michigan, Sunday:

Rome, Georgia, Sunday:

Hickory, North Carolina, Sunday:

Plus, many Trump events are happening across the country, places where Team Trump is not in appearance but fans are congregating to uplift and motivate each other. It is an organically-built, patriot-driven ground game never before seen on this planet, and I love it. Here’s an example from New Jersey. Listen to this guy school libs:

Here’s an Arizona MAGA Drag Rally–96 miles of supporters! And these drag rallies have been happening across the country.

People are rising up in support of Trump in places you’d never imagine, even places like Beverly Hills, CA.

When will liberals wake up?

It’s literally boiling down to two messages in the end; one built on love for America and patriotism, the other built on hate and violence if they don’t get their way. Meanwhile, Democrat-run cities across the country began boarding up their properties to prevent excessive damage from assumed rioting to come.

I’ve shared a lot here because I’m passionate about it. I guess what I’m saying, you guys, is that while Twitter and the Democratic Socialist party is full of toxic liberals who have seemingly sold their souls to Communism, I remain inspired and motivated and hopeful for #Trump2020.

Let’s go, Trump fans! Let’s rise and take our country back.

#MAGA #KAG #GodBlessAmericaNowAndForever!