Attention All Prince Fans. You’re Gonna Need A Cigarette After This One, Even If You Don’t Smoke.

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My sister tagged me in this video she discovered of Prince singing an old blues song – and it’s live – and it’s amazing – and if you are a Prince fan, which I definitely am, and you appreciate his squeals and moans and growls and improvisations and his versatility and amazing range, then you’re gonna get all that and SO MUCH MORE from this recording.

Plant yourself in a comfy spot, put on some really good headphones, block out the rest of the world for 13 minutes and 4 seconds, and just let this soak into your soul.  There’s nothing to watch, so it’s even better if you close your eyes.  Trust me.


When Prince died, my sister and I held our own private Prince (and specifically Purple Rain) tribute party at my house.  And we dressed up like him and we even dressed up my dog, and it was one of my favorite nights of all time.