Daisy’s Last (Radio) Stand…

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I know, that title is a little dramatic.  But today’s been a bit of a dramatic day for me.  It was my last day on the radio at WIBC in Indianapolis, y’all.  The last day that I’ll do local daily radio with Mock.  The last day I’ll do the Chicks on the Right Show.  Technically, it was the last day Mock did the Chicks on the Right Show, too.  Now, it’ll be the Mock-N-Rob Show.  So y’all better listen to them on wibc.com from 9-11 EST weekdays and support our girl.  Because on Monday, I venture back into the corporate world where I’ll be forced to wear real pants again and act like a grownup.

I’ve gone out this week with laughter and tears, y’all.  Mock took me to Ruth’s Chris for lunch today, because that’s how she rolls.  We ate steak and fries, reminisced about a gajillion things, girl-talked and chatted about our lives and our futures, and when I finished the last of the fries and it was time to clean out the remainder of what was left in my half of the office, we took our last trip down our hallway to the elevator together.  Ugh.

I assured her that this was yet another chapter in our Chick-evolution.

We’ve evolved many times before, and we’re merely doing it again now.  It just looks a little different than it has over the past eight years.  What is it that they say about closing one door?

As Biden would say, YOU KNOW THE THING.

Anywho, I wanted to share a couple of parting segments here on our site, mainly because WIBC sucks at saving things – basically, they save NOTHING.  I’m not even kidding, y’all.  They don’t save any of our audio.  So when I’m old and gray one day, I’ll have no evidence of myself on the radio to show my grandkids. I’m pretty sure they won’t believe I even DID radio, unless I have proof like the segments below that I’ve asked Rob and some other producers send me for safekeeping on my own hard drive.

Here’s YESTERDAY’s Spaddendum with Hammer (from Hammer and Nigel), which has some much-needed hilarity, and a very creative send-off that includes Sarah McLachlan music and grunting tennis players (because us):

And in case you missed the broadcast today, here’s my (really emotional) send-off.  My final segment EVER:

I’ll be listening every chance I can, Mock N Rob!!!

Onward, y’all. 🙂