BREAKING: National Guard Deployed In Philadelphia After Night Of Riots

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Following a night of unrest and rioting, the Pennsylvania National Guard has been deployed to protect and serve at assemblies, according to the Daily Caller.

“At the request of Philadelphia County, the Pennsylvania National Guard is staffing several hundred members in Philadelphia to protect the right to peacefully assemble and protest while keeping people safe,” the Philadelphia National Guard said according to CBS Philadephia.

“Assisting civil authorities during times of need is one of the core missions of the Guard,” they added. “Members are well-trained and well-prepared to assist the commonwealth and its communities in any way they can.”

Because what better way is there to mourn the loss of a loved one than to not only loot your own town, but to also burn it down like a giant shared campfire.

I understand family members mourning the loss and being upset accordingly… but to loot and damage businesses?

You could suppose that the businesses had nothing to do with the police encounter… oh, wait.

From The Daily Caller:

The Pennsylvania National Guard has been deployed in Philadelphia after a night of rioting Monday.

The deployment comes after riots erupted in Philadelphia following the police shooting Monday of 27-year-old Walter Wallace Jr. Police say that they responded to a report of a man with a weapon and Wallace was holding a knife when they arrived on the scene. He allegedly ignored calls to drop the weapon before officers opened fire and shot him multiple times. Wallace was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Police spokesperson Sgt. Eric Gripp said that Wallace “advanced towards the officers” and that investigators were reviewing footage of the incident, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. A video of the shooting circulated on social media and both officers at the scene were wearing body cameras, according to the report.

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