Are NC’s Coronavirus Case Numbers Inflated? Some Scientists Say So, According to Report

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Some scientists say North Carolina coronavirus case numbers are inflated, according to reports.

Follow me through the nerd zone. PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) testing equates for 97% of the 3 million positive Coronavirus tests in North Carolina. These specific tests involve a process called cycling, where copies of a sample are made to amplify and then analyze the sample with great precision.

These tests are useful for delineating yes, there’s a virus in their system, or no, no virus is present. What the test does not tell you is whether or not it’s picking up traces of an active virus.

Test cycles range from 35-40, depending on who makes the test. Researchers working with samples cycled 34 times or more have been unable to grow the virus because it was not active, but those same samples in a person would test positive…

Take a deep breath with me, because it sounds like scientists are constantly quietly correcting mistakes they’ve made throughout the year, and to be honest I’m more than a little pissy about it. All of those asymptomatic people, those who tested positive with absolutely no symptoms and we’re made to quarantine, could have had the virus MONTHS before they tested positive and were added to our increased rate of cases.

Dr. Carl Heneghan of the University of Oxford’s Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine has directly said that the nature of the test is leading to an inflated number of cases. Look up your state and see if you find a quietly posted article that basically says, “Oops!” Then contact your elected officials and ask why businesses are still closed or under serious regulation. I, for one, am completely over it.