Hypocrite: CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo Caught ‘Hobnobbing Without A Mask’ After Pushing Masks On Air

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo was seen in New York without a mask, according to Fox News.

“Spies spotted the CNN anchor hanging at a downtown private members club, hobnobbing without a mask and acting like he was the mayor of the joint,” Carlos Greer, a reporter for the New York Post wrote.

Another source revealed, “He was not social distancing and was walking around indoors, shaking hands and greeting people without a mask.”

“He was just hanging with Brooke Shields’ husband. It’s a double standard when his brother is attacking the restaurant industry and implementing all these senseless rules.”

Oh, okay, so it’s only murderous when President Trump doesn’t wear his mask, but somehow if anyone else doesn’t wear their mask, there’s some magical germ mitigation for the common folk.

Chris Cuomo is your usual quasi celebrity who politicizes something with a veil of morality, then turns around and contradicts everything he preaches.

More from Fox News:

Cuomo, the younger brother of Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, regularly condemns President Trump and members of his administration for their handling of the ongoing pandemic and not wearing masks.

But he doesn’t appear to always practice what he preaches, as “Tucker Carlson Tonight” recently reported that he was scolded by his apartment building’s management for not wearing a mask. According to the Post, CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” namesake still hasn’t gotten the message.

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