The Best 10 Minutes of Tucker Carlson at the Glorious Expense of CNN’s Chris Cuomo

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Y’all, did you know that Melania Trump speaks FIVE languages? Slovenian, English, French, Serbian, and German. I’m not nearly as impressive as our First Lady, but I do speak a second language—snark. I’m fluent. Snark is a really useful when you are talking about people who are hypocrites. For example, let’s talk about Chris Cuomo.

Chris cares about two things—his muscles and his professional reputation.

He’s pretty sure he’s the top dog and the preeminent source of information for the American people. Luckily for everyone, he’s wrong. But still, he thinks it. And he has used his professional platform to heavily promote mask wearing. Not just promote, though. He also shames and mocks people for not wearing masks. He has said in countless interviews and monologues to “wear the damn mask!” But it turns out that really, Chris Cuomo is the poster boy for hypocrisy. Here’s why.

When President Trump returned to the White House after his short stay in Walter Reed for Covid, Cuomo blasted the President for taking off his mask on the balcony when he had just returned from the hospital. But you know what’s hilarious? Cuomo was diagnosed with Covid earlier in the year and he was caught breaking his quarantine.

Cuomo also mocked the President for filming his return to the White House. He said it was “propaganda” and refused to air it on his show because “How much bullshit do you need in your life?”

But you know what else is hilarious? Cuomo did literally the exact same thing. When his quarantine was over (which he had already broken) he actually had a camera crew come into his home and film him emerging from his basement like a prom queen gliding down the stairs before the big dance. He made a big show of how important and selfless it is to quarantine for the benefit of your community and how he’s just amazing for setting that example for us mere mortals.

Just weeks after Cuomo was caught breaking his quarantine, he mocked Vice President Mike Pence for visiting the Mayo Clinic with no mask on. Pence said he had just tested negative and that he wanted to be able to look people “in the eye and say thank you.” Cuomo mocked him saying, “Does the mask cover your eyes?”

Cuomo also routinely mocks anyone who doesn’t agree with him.

But much to Cuomo’s dismay, his show is entirely eclipsed by the king of snark, Tucker Carlson, who has the highest-rated cable news program in history. And Tucker just called Cuomo out on his blatant hypocrisy. After months of sanctimonious preaching to the public about wearing a mask, Tucker revealed that Cuomo has received a notice from his apartment complex that he has been observed routinely breaking the Executive Order mask protocol put in place by his own brother, Governor Cuomo, by remaining maskless in the building and the elevators. He is even threatened with a fine if he continues to refuse to wear a mask.

But is anyone really surprised? Rules for thee and not for me. Nancy Pelosi getting a special privilege blowout while leading the lockdown charge in DC. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s husband going boating while his wife keeps the state locked down or opposing the construction of a border wall while using taxpayer money to upgrade her own security by building a reinforced fence. Bernie Sanders flying in a private jet while screaming about climate change and green energy. Philly Mayor Jim Kenney leaving the state to eat inside of a restaurant while he keeps his city on strict lockdown. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot ordering the police to stand down while riots destroyed her city but detailing a police unit to her own home to protect her from those same riots. I mean, will the double standard ever end? Do people not see it? Are these people not embarrassed by their comical hypocrisy?

At least Tucker is willing to call them out. And it’s some of the best TV you’ll ever watch. Because these days, reality is more comical than anything that could be scripted.

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