Hypocrisy: Strong Women! But Not That One. Speak! But Not You.

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Y’all, the hypocrisy of the left is astounding.

We are in the middle of an entirely constitutional Supreme Court Justice confirmation procedure. President Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett, a bright and honorable mother of seven, beloved professor, and fair judge. She’s so intelligent that she didn’t even use notes during the hours of grilling by the Senate Judiciary Committee! She has accomplished amazing things professionally while raising an amazing family and is about to be confirmed to one of the highest positions in the government of the greatest country in the world. And seriously, who doesn’t want to see that? The left has been calling for more women in influential positions since before they were wearing vagina hats. But it’s become a case of “more women, but not that woman.”

On October 17, a Women’s March took place specifically to protest the nomination and impending confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

“We’re planning a massive, nationwide march on October 17 to send an unmistakable message of our fierce opposition to Trump and his agenda, including his attempt to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat.”

I mean, the seat is vacant, and it needs to be filled. Why not fill it with an incredibly well qualified woman? But that doesn’t matter to the left. They don’t consider her qualified because she doesn’t personally agree with them, despite the fact that she took an oath to uphold the law irrespective of her personal beliefs. The marchers carried some interesting signs, including “You call us nasty because you are afraid of what strong women can do.” What’s hilarious is that Judge Amy Coney Barret IS a strong woman, and THEY are afraid of HER. She’s a strong woman who represents the values of a huge percentage of the United States population and who promises to honor her oath as a Judge. But the left doesn’t want a strong woman like her. She doesn’t fit their narrative. They only want a strong woman who agrees with them. No one who disagrees with them is allowed to have a voice.

Well, the Women’s March participants were not happy to see that there were other strong women counter-protesting and voicing their support for the strong female nominee. One of these counter-protesters was Isabella Maria DeLuca, the Outreach Director for Republicans for National Renewal, a pro-Trump organization. While marching to represent her beliefs, DeLuca was attacked by multiple women advertising Black Lives Matter and Women’s March paraphernalia.

DeLuca said,

“My expectations for the Left are very low, but I definitely didn’t expect to be assaulted at a Women’s March by other women.”

Describing the details of the attack, she said,

“The first woman was a white older woman – she had glasses on, a glittery bedazzled Black Lives Matter shirt. She looked like she could’ve been my grandma, honestly.”

The woman grabbed DeLuca’s Trump flag. When she tried to grab it back, the elderly woman punched and choked her. Because the woman seemed aged, DeLuca felt uncomfortable defending herself, but determined to retrieve her Trump flag. This is when a much younger female arrived and joined the older woman in repeatedly pushing and punching DeLuca. She was later hospitalized for injuries to her head and neck resulting in blurry vision, dizziness, and requiring a cervical collar.

DeLuca says that she made a video detailing the alleged attack, which she uploaded to Facebook. She then took to Twitter when Facebook removed her account.

 DaLuca told journalists,

“The day after I posted about my [story], Facebook removed my entire account without warning or anything. Later, when I tried to access my account, I was told that my account was removed for ‘account fraud.’”

Considering that the video didn’t fit the left’s narrative and what we know about Big Tech, her account being removed isn’t the least bit surprising.

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