Unbelievable: Nobel Prize-Winning Scientist Uninvited As Keynote Speaker For Views On Coronavirus

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

You know how the left trashes the Trump Administration for apparently not listening to scientists? “Follow the science!” “Listen to the scientists!” But they think you should really only listen to the scientists who agree with the left’s Covid narrative.

Michael Levitt, a 2013 Chemistry Nobel Prize winner and accomplished biologist, has learned the hard way that he isn’t entitled to his own very well-educated opinion of Covid. Why not? Because it contradicts the official leftist narrative about the pandemic.

He was uninvited from being the keynote speaker at a bio-design conference because of some comments previously made about Covid, including that the public shouldn’t panic.

Despite the fact that the entire conference for computational biology and bio-design is based on his own scientific studies, the Covid comments were enough for the conference organizers to decide to cancel him.