Ice Cube Exposes the Liberal Media — Says CNN Canceled Scheduled Appearance Amid Fallout From Working With Trump

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Y’all, people have asked me if I think the media is only biased against conservatives and my consistent answer is this: I don’t believe it has anything to do with a political party, but rather an agenda. Any story that is censored, misrepresented, or unrepresented affects ALL American people, not just one political party.

Consider the recent situation with Ice Cube, who was literally canceled because he didn’t fit the media’s agenda regarding black Americans.

• Ice Cube noticed some serious problems in society.
• He spent time researching and considering the issues.

• He recognized that he has significant insight regarding some of the issues because of his life experience.
• He realized that he had the ability to influence this situation in a positive way.
• He came up with an idea for a Contract With Black Americans.

• He spoke with BOTH political parties to discuss the issues that he saw.
• He was blown off by the Biden campaign because it wasn’t a priority until after the election.

• He was invited in for a serious discussion with the Trump administration.

• He was able to directly impact and contribute to the formation of a massive plan aimed at creating positive economic change for black Americans nationwide, the Platinum Plan.
• Once the news of his collaboration with the Trump administration was made public, people started trashing Ice Cube for “betraying,” for being a “sellout,” for “turning,” for “going to the dark side,” for “working with the enemy,” and various other despicable racial slurs and insults.
• Almost immediately, CNN canceled an interview with him and “banned” him (according to Ice Cube).

 After serious backlash about the cancelation, CNN did decide to reschedule him for an interview, which Don Lemmon then thoroughly undermined.

It’s almost like CNN didn’t want to interview the popular rapper and powerful businessman who also happens to be a free-thinking black man and a contributor to Trump’s Platinum Plan for black American economic empowerment. It just didn’t fit their narrative and agenda.

Their initial decision to cancel the interview with him would have negatively impacted every American who wasn’t permitted to hear his perspective.

What about the New York Post articles about Hunter Biden? Does the censorship and media bias against reporting on these serious issues only affect conservatives? It doesn’t matter your political affiliation. When news media refuses to cover a serious story, you are negatively impacted. It’s in the best interest of all Americans to be given all the facts and be permitted to decide for themselves. So no, the media bias isn’t only against conservatives. It’s against the American people.

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